Five Local Priests On Accused Child Sexual Abuse List

( Cincinnati, OH ) - The Midwest Province of Jesuits has released the names of priests or clergy that have faced "established allegations" of sexual abuse towards children since 1955. 

The list includes five priests that were involved with St. Xavier High School, Xavier University and Jesuit Novitiate in Milford. 

The list provides the locations of the incidents, whether or not the priests were dismissed, and if the priests are now deceased.

  • Fr. James A. Condon, S.J. at St. Xavier High School in 1965 (deceased 1993)
  • Fr. Mark A. Finan, S.J. at St. Xavier High School from 1964 to 1965 (dismissed in 1973)
  • Fr. Edward J. O'Brien, S.J. at Xavier University in 1958 and 1971 to 1982 (deceased 1983)
  • Fr. Donald O. Nastold, S.J. at St. Francis Xavier Church from 1999 to 2000 (deceased 2007)
  • Fr. Robert J. Erpenbeck, S.J. at the Jesuit Novitiate in Milford from 1961 and the Milford Retreat Center in 1964 (deceased 1986)

St. X has also released a list of eight Jesuits who served at St. X and were accused of abuse, but the alleged abuse did not happen at the school:

Fr. Harry Barton, SJ (1942-1948 and 1961-1966)

Fr. Robert Broome, SJ (1946-1948)

Fr. Robert Erpenbeck, SJ (1945 and 1975-1980)

Fr. Allan Kirk, SJ (1969)

Fr. Don Nastold, SJ (1968-1975)

Fr. Edward O’Brien, SJ (1946-1948)

Fr. Wilton Skiffington, SJ (1938-1941)

Fr. Stanley Wisniewski, SJ (1958)

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