Six People Arrested In Connection with 2016's Pike County Murders

Pike County Murder Arrests

( Pike County, Ohio )  - Four people have been arrested and charged with planning, then killing eight people in Pike County, and two other relatives are accused of helping with the coverup.

Ohio Attorney General and Governor-Elect Mike DeWine announced the arrests Tuesday afternoon.

Officers arrested George "Billy" Wagner III, Angela Wagner, George Wagner IV and Edward "Jake" Wagner in connection with the 2016 murders of the Rhoden family.

Rhoden Family Victims

Eight members of the Rhoden family were found shot, execution-style, on April 22, 2016. Members of the Wagner family recently returned to Ohio after moving to Alaska, shortly after the murders. 

Other victims of the massacre are: Christopher Rhoden, Dana Rhoden, Hannah Gilley, Christopher Rhoden, Gary Rhoden and Kenneth Rhoden.

Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader with Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine

In a Tuesday afternoon news conference, DeWine said custody of the children who were spared in that mass murder played a role. Edward "Jake" Wagner had previously fathered a child with one of the victims. Two relatives of the arrested suspects are accused of forging child custody documents. 

Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader says today is a very good day.

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