GALLERY: FEMA, iHeartMedia Partner to Unveil Broadcast Pod

( Mason, Ohio ) - A public unveiling on Wednesday of modernization upgrades to the 700WLW's emergency broadcasting facility in Mason.

The project is a coordination between iHeartMedia and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It's the result of more than a million dollars in upgrades so it can serve as one of 77 Natoinal Public Warning System Primary Entry Points.

"In planning out these facilities, WLW has a rich history here in Cincinnati, and has been extremely stable and a trusted source of information," said Antwane Johnson, Director of Continuity Communications with FEMA. 

Also in attendance at Wednesday's debut was Congressman Steve Chabot, who said about the facility "it's good to know that it's here if the worst does happen." 

700WLW is the second broadcast station in the country to undergo this upgrade process, which includes increased sheltering capabilities, broadcast capacity, and internal power. The Integrated Public Alert and Warning System Modernization Act of 2015 was a direction by Congress to upgrade PEP stations like 700WLW to continue to broadcast information in the event of a disaster. 

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