Overdose Alert Issued In Hamilton County


(Hamilton County) -  Cincinnati and Hamilton County health officials issued a public health alert Wednesday due to a surge in drug overdoses in the area. 

The Hamilton County Heroin Coalition says there's been an elevated number of visits to the emergency room and deaths likely related to opioid overdoses recently. 

They are reminding family members, healthcare providers and those who use drugs to be aware of an increased risk for overdose. 

Officials say everyone should carry extra doses of naloxone, administer naloxone for drug overdoses even if non-opioids have been used and to call 911 after every overdose even if naloxone has been used.

Anyone who uses drugs is asked to not use alone and to avoid mixing drugs, including alcohol.

Franklin County officials issued a similar alert in Columbus on Tuesday.  They aren't sure why there's been a spike, but say it could be due to a change in drug composition.  

Anyone who needs a referral for addiction services should call  513-281-7880. 

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