FC Cincinnati: Season Ticket Renewal Deadline and Training Facility

FC Cincinnati, Nippert Stadium

( Clermont County ) - On Wednesday, FC Cincinnati announced that the deadline for season ticket holders to renew for the 2019 season is 5pm over the phone (513-977-KICK) and people looking to renew online have until midnight by clicking here.

Also on Wednesday, the Clermont County Port Authority announced it's approved issuing $30 million in bonds to finance the cost of building the FC Cincinnati training complex and youth academy.

By a 4-1 vote, the Port Authority agreed to lease 24 acres along US 50 in Milford and facilities to be built on them to FC Cincinnati. To make up for a lack of property taxes, since the Port Authority is tax exempt, FCC will make annual payments to Milford Schools along with a one time fee of $105,000 and an annual payment of $9,000 to support various levies in Clermont County.

A statement from Executive Director and Secretary Andy Kuchta says "the Port Authority will have the choice to not renew the lease every 360 days for any reason. this is not a 20-year deal but a 360-day deal, full stop." Kuchta says that there are plans for a comprehensive economic impact study to be conducted in the 3 to 5 years after the facility is complete. "If that evaluation determines the economic impacts have not materialized, the Port Authority will be able to substantially renegotiate the terms of these agreements or simply not renew them and return the property to a fully taxable status," Kuchta said.

In late August, Clermont County Commissioners approved an increase in the lodging tax from 6% to 7% to also support the project. 

FC Cincinnati's training facility and youth academy is scheduled to be complete by next summer.

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