Allegations of Sex Abuse at Moeller High School

The President of Moeller High School says they are aggressively addressing the issue.

The all boys catholic high school on Montgomery road has sent a letter to parents informing them about allegations of sex abuse involving a staff member. The member of the faculty has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

The school's president Marshall Hydzu writes in the letter that the allegations come from a former Moeller student who Hydzu says was "subject to grooming (i.e. the breaking down of normal social boundaries by a potential abuser) and sexual abuse by a member of our faculty." The letter says that the school has notified the civil authorities and Archdiocesan officials.

Hydzu writes "at this time, we don't know if this allegation has any merit" and he says "they are working with the Hamilton County Prosecutor's office to determine the truth".

Moeller High School  held an all school assembly to discuss the charges and is making counselors available all weekend for any students who wish to talk about it.

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