FC Cincinnati Training Complex Gets Green Light in Milford

( Batavia, Ohio ) – Clermont County Commissioners approved a 1% increase in the countywide lodging tax Wednesday. 

The revenue generated by the increase, approximately $223,000 a year, will be used to support a new training facility and youth academy for FC Cincinnati in Milford. 

The vote was 2-1. Commissioners Ed Humphrey and David Uible voted in favor; Commissioner David Painter voted against the resolution.

Taxes on hotel-motel rooms in Clermont County will increase from 6% to 7% after Oct. 1st. 

“I believe that the benefits from this deal far outweigh any tax incentives,” Ed Humphrey, President of the Board of County Commissioners, said after Session. 

He noted that the City of Milford and the Milford School District were satisfied with their agreements with FC Cincinnati, and also that local police, fire and EMS said the new facility would not strain their resources.

Commissioner David Painter, who voted against the resolution, said, “I didn’t think the return was high enough to fully represent the stakeholders of Clermont County, who are the citizens of Clermont County.”

The total property purchase price was $5 million, of which Milford is paying $3.5 million and FC Cincinnati is paying $1.5 million. The 1% increase in the countywide lodging tax will “sunset” in 2038 or when the balance in the lodging tax account is sufficient to pay off the debt, whichever occurs first.  

The anticipated $30 million soccer complex will be built on 23.6 acres at the former Expressway Park location. FC Cincinnati hopes to complete the training facility by next summer.

A study by Sports Facilities Advisory, estimated that the FC complex would generate almost 65,000 visitor days by out-of-town visitors and result in almost $7 million in direct spending annually.

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