Kasich Approves Disaster Relief Aid For Clermont County


(Clermont County)  -  Cities affected by February’s flooding and tornado in Clermont County have the chance to apply for disaster relief funds.

Ohio Governor John Kasich approved $943,000 in funds that cities can apply for through the State Disaster Relief Program.

Each agency must submit a letter of intent to apply for the funds by August 24.  The letter must be written to the Ohio Emergency Management Agency.  The Ohio EMA will then have to get funding approval from the State Controlling Board on September 10 before giving away any money.

The funding is available to political subdivisions and nonprofits who have been affected by the flooding.  The government will reimburse 75 percent of eligible storm-related expenses.

Here’s a look at potential reimbursement amounts:

-Batavia Township $104,000

-Clermont County Engineer $266,139.63

-Clermont County Sheriff $9,237.95

-Washington Township $58,719.40

-Village of New Richmond $124,811.80

-Clermont County Commissioners $11,351.34

-Franklin Township $246,277.44

-Monroe Township $18,081.46

-Pierce Township $44,601.78

-Village of Moscow $30,000

-Clermont Municipal Court $5,089

-Clermont County Park District $3,500

-Adams-Clermont Solid Waste District $21,000

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