Ohio Senators Want Union Terminal Amtrak Window Restored

( Queensgate ) - Ohio's two US Senators are looking to bring back Amtrak staffing at Union Terminal.

On Thursday, Senators Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman of Terrace Park introduced an amendment to the Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development appropriations bill that would require Amtrak to staff any station that has averaged at least 25 passengers a day over the last five years.

Earlier this year, Amtrak closed ticket windows and pulled staff from 15 stations nationwide, including Union Terminal, that didn't meet a 40 passenger threshold. In Cincinnati's case, that lack of passengers was fueled by ongoing renovations at the terminal. 

In a joint statement, Senator Portman said "Ensuring that Union Terminal is fully staffed will be essential [to] the welfare of the Carinal line and the well-being of its passengers." 

"Union Terminal is a critical transportation hub for Cincinnati and the entire southwest Ohio region, serving thousands of passengers per year," said Senator Brown.

That spending bill is currently being considered on the floor of the Senate.

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