Bird Electric Scooter Rental Launches In Cincinnati Overnight

Bird Scooters via Instagram

(Cincinnati)  -  Rentable electronic scooters popped up in Cincinnati overnight.

They’re owned by the company Bird and were spotted across downtown, Over-the-Rhine and The Banks without much warning.

Scooters cost $1 upfront and then 15 cents per minute.  They’ll go up to 15 mph and can be ridden across town. They are dock-free  so can essentially be dropped off and picked up anywhere.

Users need to download the Bird app and have a driver’s license to rent a scooter.

Other cities who already have the service have reported issues with the company.  Bird says users can’t ride on the sidewalks, ride without helmets or ride in public parking structures.

Several cities have already banned the scooters, including Louisville where the city got rid of them 36 hours after they showed up.

The City of Cincinnati said in a statement that they didn’t know the service was coming to town until it showed up.

It states:  “The City of Cincinnati learned this morning that Bird -- a dockless scooter-share company -- has launched operations in Cincinnati. Given that we just learned of the matter we are still in the process of evaluation the possible impact on neighborhoods.”

News Radio 700WLW reached out to Bird but hasn’t heard back from an official with a response.

Bird announced its arrival in Cincinnati on Instagram Thursday afternoon.

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