SMART 911 Could Save Your Life

If Cincinnati had SMART 911 three months ago, Kyle Plush might be alive today. His mother is encouraging everyone to sign up with the service that provides emergency call centers with vital information. The city of Cincinnnati is becoming part of the network which will help dispatchers provide life saving help in the future.

Jill Plush says her son Kyle would have wanted them to share the message about how SMART 911 works. She says "in a life threatening emergency, when every moment counts this information could be the difference between life and death." Her son died after becoming trapped in a van at Seven Hills School and despite his calls to 911 for help, police could not find him in the parking lot and he died. Plush says as "mother who has experienced tremendous loss" she encourages people to sign up at SMART 911 right now.

Click here for the link to register.