Spike in Heroin OD's in Cincinnati

Health Warning 7/10/2018

(Cincinnati) -  Health officials say the number of drug overdoses is spiking in Hamilton County.

Sixteen people were treated for drug over doses in Hamilton County emergency rooms on Monday.

Assistant Hamilton County Health Commission Greg Kesterman says they aren’t sure if a mixture of opioids is causing the overdoses or if drug use is increasing.

He says, on average, the county is seeing between 10 and 12 overdoses per day.

Unlike some other overdose spikes, these aren't all happening in the same area.

“We looked at the data and it appears that is throughout Hamilton County,” Kesterman said. 

Health officials say they aren’t sure if the numbers will increase, but they are trying to bring awareness to the spike in hopes that they won’t.

Kesterman asks anyone who thinks they are witnessing an overdose to use naloxone if they have it and to call 911.

“Always call 911 and get an emergency responder to come to the site,” he said. “If you happen to have Narcan on you we request you administer it and encourage the individual as they come out of the overdose to seek medical attention.”

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