Butler County man charged for beating dog with bat

Police tape

Police tape

(Middletown) -  An 18-year-old has been charged with animal cruelty in Butler County after he was caught on camera beating a dog with a baseball bat.

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office says Clayton Sisco was caught on camera abusing a dog for defecating in a cage it was being confined in.  They were called to Middletown Saturday to investigate the claim. That’s when they say Sisco admitted to the attack.

The Butler County Dog Warden says seven dogs were on the property and all were removed from the residence.

Sisco was charged with Cruelty to a Companion Animal and was arrested by Middletown Police for outstanding warrants.

Butler County Sheriff Richard K. jones says the county loves their animals, adding, “This dog was obviously submissive and not deserving punishment.”