Cincinnati Postal Workers Picket Ahead of Negotiations



(Cincinnati) - Cincinnati-area postal workers demonstrated in front of the Dalton Avenue Post Office building on Monday afternoon to protest delays in mail service and short staffing.

The president of Cincinnati's postal workers union says 51 positions have gone unfilled since April of last year. 

"In low-income neighborhoods they're claiming not enough revenue as an excuse to close small office or severly reduce hours,"  Greater Cincinnati APWU president Michael Smith said. "APWU members find that completely unacceptable because we are pledged to deliver universal service to everyone regardless of where you live or how much money you make."

Smith said that some people are waiting in long lines at the post office to get the mail.  He also said mail that used to be delivered the next day across town is now taking four or five days to get where it needs to go.

Talks for a new labor agreement between national workers kicks off tomorrow in Washington, D.C.