Coke is Coming Back to Frisch's

Big Boy Coca-Cola

( Cincinnati ) - Frisch's hinted last week that a big announcement Monday morning would leave people "thirsting" for more information. Now, Frisch's customers will have something new (old) to thirst for starting this fall:


CEO Jason Vaughn made the announcement. The company switched to Pepsi in 2014, and Vaughn told us that bringing Coke back was the #1 request from customers. "I heard that from day one, and worked very hard to make sure that we could deliver on the guest experience and get them what they wanted, and so today we were able to do that by joining with Coke again," Vaughn told 700WLW. 

He says the changeover will start at the Mainline location this September with other Frisch's restaurants getting the change over a few weeks.


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