Sheriff: Update on Butler Co. hostage situation

(Trenton, OH) – The Butler County Sheriff provided updates about yesterday’s hostage situation in Trenton this morning.

Three women were taken hostage in a Trenton apartment by 45-year-old James Geran, Sheriff Richard K. Jones said.

Authorities found 27-year-old Megan Motter lying in a driveway and dead from what appeared to be a gunshot wound in Madison Township on Tuesday night.  Her death investigation lead detectives to the apartment in Trenton.

Geran was holding Gina McCleary, Tammy Davis and Sharon McCleary hostage in the home, the sheriff said. 

Deputies were able to get Tammy out to safety and then after a two-hour standoff, they were told Geran planned to surrender.

During this standoff Geran shot at police multiple times.

When Geran opened the door it appeared he’d shot himself in the face.  Authorities discovered Sharon McCleary had been shot and killed when they got into the residence.  Gina McCleary was not injured.

No charges have been filed against Geran yet.