Union Terminal Renovation Work In Final Months

(Cincinnati, OH) - Renovation work on Union Terminal is entering its final months as crews begin focusing on finer details around the building. 

Take a look at the work happening at the site.

Decorative aluminum grills are being reinstalled around the top of the ramps that are now the Museum of Natural History & Science and Cincinnati History Museum. 

Grill at Union Terminal

Restored glass is going back into the restored aluminum frames of ticket windows that line the edge of the Rotunda. 

Union Terminal Museum ramp

Historic granite and limestone are being reinstalled around the plaza, including the curb lines and steps at the top of the fountain. 

Union Terminal Plaza

The final steps of the historic fountain rebuild continue, while inside the fountain, crews continue to hook up electrical and plumbing connections in the fountain's pump room.

Fountain at Union Terminal
Union Terminal Fountain pump room

Historic light fixtures are being reinstalled throughout the building, including the candlestick lighting in the Rotunda and the red and green traffic lighting in the ramps of the Museum of Natural History & Science and Cincinnati History Museum. 

Light fixture at Union Terminal

The last of 22 new air handling units fed by three new glycol chillers are coming online this month.

In the ongoing rebuild of Union Terminal's west wall, new steel is being installed to replace supplemental steel added in the 1970's when the wall was built following the demolition of the original concourse.

air system Union Terminal


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