Bengals: We Support a Music Venue at The Banks

( Cincinnati ) - The plans to develop a concert venue at The Banks continues, with Cincinnati city leaders, Hamilton County Commissioners, and ownership of the Bengals all involved in the discussions.

The Bengals released an open letter to fans on Friday afternoon saying that talks about future development have been "productive." The team says it supports building a music venue somewhere between the Suspension Bridge and Paul Brown Stadium. That letter goes on to say "the club believes the best location... would be on Lot 24," which is above the parking area on Freedom Way between Race St and Rosa Parks St.

Hamilton County Commission President Todd Portune was on the air with Scott Sloan and Rocky Boiman earlier Friday afternoon. He says the Bengals have "a right, under the lease, to participate in the discussions around that, but they don't have a right to an absolute veto or anything like that." Portune says things like location haven't been decided yet. The county and the city would also have to agree on a company to operate the venue, and that hasn't happened yet, either.