Cutting $24 Million and Raising $10 Million to Balance the Budget

Acting Cincinnati City Manager Patrick Duhaney

Acting Cincinnati City Manager Patrick Duhaney

( Cincinnati ) - City leaders have to fill in a $32 million projected deficit and they have a month to do it.

Fiscal Year 2019 starts on July 1. On Thursday, Acting City Manager Patrick Duhaney turned in his budget proposal to Mayor John Cranley. In it, he proposes by cutting costs and raising revenue to balance the budget.

Among the cuts, Duhaney is suggesting that over $2 million be cut in funding that the city provides outside groups and human services. There's a large amount of shifting the costs from the General Fund into other city budgets. There's not a proposal to impose layoffs on police officers or firefighters.

In terms of revenue increases, Duhaney proposes increasing building and electrical permit fees. He's also suggesting a hike in parking meter rates and instituting a "booting" program for repeat parking offenders.

The mayor will next make changes that he wants to make to the proposal before sending to Cincinnati City Council.