How Should Kyle Plush Call to 911 Have Ended?

It was the most emotion yet that we have seen from the father of Kyle Plush. Ron Plush telling Cincinnati leaders what should have happened after his son called 911 twice to report he was trapped in his van in the Seven Hills School parking lot.

During a meeting of Cincinnati City Council's Law and Public Safety Committee, Ron Plush said  

"Someone in our family would have received a call from Kyle, he was found trapped in our van by emergency responders. He was OK but taken to Childrens Hospital for treatment of minor injuries and being held overnight for observation. We would go to the hospital and be with our son and talk about how well he handled a life threatening situation. We would tell him how proud we were of him, we would talk about how he maintained his composure and gave an amazing amout of detail to both call takers."

Sadly, that is not how the incident ended. Instead, the father of the teen explained what did happen after the city failed to get his son the life saving assistance he needed.

"That evening I drove to the school and found Kyle. Two days later my family was planning Kyle's visitation, funeral and burial." Ron Plush told city leaders this can't happen to another family. He said, "we are 100% committed to improving the emergency response process" and thanked the City Manager and Police Chief for providing answers to his questions about how the city failed to get his son life saving help. Plush says "we need to continue to identify all the failures that day and work towards solutions."

The Plush family submitted to the city a list of more than 30 questions related to how his calls for help were handled. See the questions and answers by opening the file below.

Kyle Plush

Kyle Plush