Cincinnati Coach Removed For Going After a Fan

The head coach of a Cincinnati baseball team has been removed after a video surfaced on Facebook of him chasing down a fan at a tournament in Indianapolis with a baseball bat. The head of the Cincinnati Flames youth organization tells Fox 19 that the behavior of Paul Melvin has "no place in youth sports."

Melvin apparently became upset with a drunk parent who was heckling the kids on his 13U baseball team but the founder of the Flames says nothing can justify Melvin's response. The coach has apologized in an email to the organization that sanctions play in the select league: "First and foremost, I am sincerely sorry for my own actions. My retaliation in the manner to being called @#@*** and being told to go home and many other comments from the other teams parent does not warrant my actions. In the end, I hope my team and my kid is not punished. Me on the other hand deserves whatever you decide. I am sorry to my family, my team, my parents, usssa, Indy sports park and the fans and God above.”

Here is the original Facebook post made by someone who was watching the tournament in Indianapolis.

  • In all my years of Youth Sports Never in my life have I seen a Head Coach (Cincy Flames) come after a parent with 1 of his 13U Baseball Players Bats our of the Dugout to the left. In front of all these boys that he is suppose to be teaching & training to not only be good Ball Players but Good Young Men as well. INSANE! APPALLED!!!! This should go VIRAL! But on a good note Canes are in the Championship Game. Go Canes!!! Jenni Noel Druckrey Suzy McDonald