Report on Death of Kyle Plush is Delayed

The report on the death of Kyle Plush that was expected to come out at Cincinnati City Hall is now on indefinite hold. The city cancelled the special meeting of the Law and Public Safety Committee after Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters intervened. Deters does not want the information released before a Grand Jury completes an investigation into the death of the sophomore in the parking lot of Seven Hills School.

Prosecutor Joe Deters tells Newsradio 700WLW that they owe it to Kyle Plush and his family to review the police report to determine if any laws were broken. Deters pointed out that he is not the lawyer for the police and is the Prosecutor of Hamilton County whose job is to seek justice. He says,"if someone screwed up and it goes to a criminal level we are going to deal with it."

Joe Deters was Scott Sloans guest right after the announcement that the meeting was cancelled to explain why he served the city with a subpoena for all of the records gathered in this case. Listen to that interview below:



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