Defending Cincinnati Cops Who Failed Kyle Plush

"They did not know they were on a life threatening situation." The head of the Cincinnati Police Union tells Newsradio 700 WLW it is not fair to blame his officers for the death of a Seven Hills Student. Dan Hils responding today to a column in the Cincinnati Enquirer questioning why the officers involved are getting a "free pass."

Hils says the officers who have been interviewed in connection with the death investigation are heart broken over the case. He says the officers were told by dispatch they were looking for a woman locked in her van not a teen whose life was in danger. Hils says these veteran officers came on the job to "do things like be a hero and be there to help somebody." Hils adds that knowing they were that close and unable to help Kyle Plush tears them apart.

The city investigation into the failed response to the teens calls to 911 is expected to wrap up next week. Cincinnati City Council has already approved changes to the Emergency Call Center in response to the tragedy.


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