Acting City Manager Proposes Changes To 911 Center

Patrick Duhaney

(Cincinnati, OH) - Patrick Duhaney was sworn-in Saturday as the Acting City Manager taking over after Harry Black resigned.

On Saturday, Duhaney said he plans on releasing a comprehensive action plan to fix issues at the city's Emergency Communications Center on April 30th to the Law and Public Safety Committee.

Duhaney was at the 911 Center Monday with other city leaders looking into problems there.


During a press conference, he said that he is proposing legislation that would increase staffing levels at the 911 Center and upgrades to the computer aided dispatch.

He said he wants to integrate shot spotter, records management, and the license plate reader with their Computer Aided Disptach system. 

The city's Law and Public Safety Committee will take a look at the proposed legislation at their meeting tomorrow. If they pass the proposal, it will move on to the full council on Wednesday.

Cincinnati City leadership

Duhaney also made a few proposals Monday that he says the city will begin working on right away, like 60 new chairs for workers and " TVs, new TV monitors were going to refresh the environment with new paint to change the atmosphere and also work on the breakout rooms for  they want to decompress and destress."

Duhaney will remain in the city manager role, until an interim manager is named while a nationwide search is conducted. 

Mayor Cranley said Saturday he doesn't know when an interim manager will be named. Vice Mayor Chris Smitherman told 700WLW Monday he supports Duhaney being named the interim manager.

911 Center, Cincinnati


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