VIDEO: Body Cam Footage of Police Searching for Kyle Plush

Kyle Plush

( Cincinnati ) - Police have released the body cam footage from the police officers who were dispatched to find 16-year-old Kyle Plush. Watch video from Officers Brian Brazile and Edsel Osborn below:


The video shows the officers driving around for about three minutes before deactivating their cameras. The officers never leave their cars, and at one point, an officer says "I don't see nobody, which I don't imagine I would."

Plush called 911 twice on the afternoon of April 10, saying he was being crushed by a seat in a van. The second call came in before police cleared the scene. During that second call, Plush described the vehicle he was trapped in, but that information was never given to police. An investigation has been launched to determine why that information was lost. The 911 call-taker has reportedly said she didn't hear Plush give those details. Later, a Hamilton County Sheriff's deputy working a traffic detail nearby also looked around, but didn't find the boy. He was found dead hours later by family.

Cincinnati City Council's Law and Public Safety committee had a hearing on Tuesday to learn about any possible failings of the 911 system that could've led to Plush's death. 


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