Landsman Flips; Council Has Votes To Oust City Manager

( Cincinnati, OH ) - The on going saga between the Mayor and City Manager appears to be heading toward a conclusion. 

City Councilman Greg Landsman released a statement Thursday saying he is now willing to vote out City Manager Harry Black. 

Landsman changing his mind following the death of Seven Hills Sophomore Kyle Plush. He says a top priority of council should be to fix issues with the 911 call center. In order to do that, Landsmans says the culture at City Hall needs to change.

"The dysfunction at City Hall needs to end now, and we have to fix our issues with the 911 system immediately. 

We need everyone focused on getting work done, especially the work to fix our Emergency Contact Center issues. The Manager is clearly not fully focused on this, and we continue to be distracted by the ongoing saga surrounding the Manager and Mayor.

A new city manager alone will not end the dysfunction or solve our 911 issues, but it’s an important next step. 

We’re all going to have to change – each member of council and the Mayor. The culture of City Hall needs to change. 

This is our wake up call.  

And every week, until we’ve made significant progress, council and mayor must take up the issue of our 911 system – every Wednesday. It’s the most important thing we’ll do, and it has to be our top priority. 

It’s time for change – across the board, and it must include the mayor and council. It must also include a new city manager."

Landsman's vote gives Council the five necessary to remove Black from his position. No word on when a vote may take place.  


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