Is Allegiant Airlines Safe to Fly?

Is Allegiant airlines safe to fly? 

The airline which serves more than 20 destinations out of CVG is the target of a 60 minutes report extremely critical of its safety record. Among the problems reported on the broadcast, an engine that blew soon after takeoff from the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International airport last July. The engine caught fire after the flight was delayed for several hours so that the engine could be worked on.

While CBS says there were over 100 serious mechanical incidents involving Allegiant our aviation expert says those issues were well in the past. Jay Ratliff tells our Mike McConnell that Allegiant has worked with the F-A-A to improve their safety record and he says he has no problem now recommending that people travel Allegiant. Ratliff says, "the bottom line is there is no way I would allow my wife, parents, children or grandchildren to fly Allegiant if I suspected the airline was unsafe."

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