911 Calls for Help in Cincinnati Go Unanswered

     The city of Cincinnati is promising a full investigation.

     A procedural and technical review is underway of all calls received by the Emergency Communications Section about a teen trapped in a van at Seven Hills school earlier this week. The first call to report it came about 3:15 pm on Tuesday but the van and the teen were not located until more than six hours later and by then 16 year old Kyle Plush was dead. 

    Plush managed to call 911 to say he was trapped in a minivan under a seat and was having trouble breathing. Police responded but either could not find the van in question or could not see Plush trapped inside. It was only after the boys father went to the school and found the van that the teens body was found later that night.

     The Honda Odyssey van that the teen was found in was a 2002 model and was not the subject of a recall late last year that involved newer models which had a problem with the second row seat, tipping forward.

Newsradio 700WLW's Scott Sloan discussed this tragic story with Cincinnati Councilwoman Amy Murray who is promising a full investigation. She is Vice Chairman of the city Law and Public Safety Committee and a Seven Hills School parent who calls what has happened "heartbreaking". Listen here:


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