Hamilton County Admin: Sales Tax Hike Possible

( Hamilton County ) - There's no more fat to cut.

Hamilton County Commissioners held a meeting Monday to talk about the 2019 budget. Right now, projections are showing a $28 million gap that'll need to be filled in, but it's doubtful that reducing costs will be enough to solve the problem.

Commission President Todd Portune says the county's annual expenditure has essentially stayed flat since the year 2000, despite the cost of everything else rising. It would take hundreds of layoffs to cover that deficit, and county leaders don't appear to be interested in that. Portune is calling this the worst budget situation since the start of the Great Recession, and he says part of the problem is a lack of funding from the State of Ohio.

County Administrator Jeff Alutto is suggesting a slight increase to the sales tax.

Commissioners have not indicated if they're in favor of a tax hike.


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