Tristate Students Remember Shooting Victims

Remembering Parkland Victims

     Some walked out, others sat in silent prayer. Students at schools all across Greater Cincinnati joining in the demonstration to mark the one month anniversary of the shooting rampage at a school in Parkland Florida. The 17 victims of the shooting were remembered as students called for an end to gun violence.

     At McNicholas High School in Mount Washington, the students lit candles for each of the people who died in Parkland and offered prayers for their families. Schools across the Archdiocese of Cincinnati opted not to protest but to gather in prayer instead.

     At Newport High School, students did walk out and lined up along the street outside the school wearing white T-Shirts that said "Fix it Now." The protest there was sanctioned by the school administrators and local police joined in blocking traffic so the students could gather together safely outside the building.

McNicholas HS Prayer Service
McNicholas Assembly

In Westwood, students walked out of class at Gamble Montessori. Watch the scene below:



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