Deal or No Deal? City Manager Says He Has Not Agreed to Resign

( Cincinnati, OH ) - Update 3\13 5:54PM - A statement released this evening by the City Manager says, as of now, there is no deal in place for him to resign.

"I am currently in communication with the Mayor. We are having very productive discussions, however, as of this time, I, as city manager, have not made any decisions regarding matters that are currently being discussed in the media.

Cincinnati is a phenomenal city with phenomenal people. I thoroughly enjoy living and working in our city.

Obviously, the Mayor, Council and I only want what's best for the city. 

Again, I'm in the middle of very productive conversations with the Mayor and Council. As of right now it is my desire to continue to serve as city manager for the City of Cincinnati for as long as the Mayor and Council will have me."


The Mayor's office released a statement Tuesday evening, announcing that an agreement has been reached in principle for City Manager Harry Black to resign.

The Mayor had reportedly asked Black to step down last week, after Assistant Police Chief David Bailey was forced into early retirement. 

The deal in place would need to be approved by city council.

Read the Mayor's full statement below:


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