Diana's Personal Butler Remembers The Princess That Only He Knew

Princess Diana's sudden death in 1997 shocked everyone, and while her fans and admirers around the world grappled with the news, her death was even tougher on those who knew her best.

Recently, both Prince William and Harry have talked candidly about how the princess's death affected them. It wasn't easy losing a mother at such a young age, but of course they've both grown up to be happy and successful. They've shared their fond childhood memories of Diana, and her closest friends have also remembered her life.

One of the people closest to Diana in the years just before her death was Paul Burrell, a longtime member of the Royal Family's personal staff. While we only have Burrell's memory of her exact words, he remembers the princess calling him her "rock," and "the only man she ever trusted."

But the princes have their own view of Burrell, saying he committed "cold and overt betrayal" of their mother's trust after her death.

Before he met Diana, Burrell lived an interesting life; he was born to blue-collar workers, but decided to dedicate his life to working in Buckingham Palace after seeing the Changing of the Guard during a childhood trip to London.

Burrell managed to achieve his dream, starting as a footman at the palace at age 18. He gradually worked his way up to becoming the Queen's personal footman, then spent time as Prince Charles and Princess Diana's footman, before finally becoming the princess's personal butler.

And during Diana's final years, she shared her most intimate secrets with Burrell.

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