NYPD Says They 'Have Enough' Evidence to Arrest Weinstein

The New York City Police Department says it has enough evidence to make an arrest on disgraced Hollywood studio head Harvey Weinstein.

Detectives tell Page Six that Boardwalk Empire star Paz de le Huerta "put forth a credible and detailed narrative" to support her allegations of rape against Weinstein.

De la Huerta claims Weinstein raped her in New York City on two separate occasions.

Although de le Huerta's most recent allegation was from seven years ago, NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce says investigators "found corroboration" for the story.

"We have an actual case here," he added.

Boyce says de la Huerta's story is so credible because she was able "to articulate each and every movement of the crime — where she was, where they met, where this happened and what he did.”

Weinstein is currently in Arizona for sex-addiction rehab, so the District Attorney needs to work with authorities there to bring Weinstein to Manhattan.

"If this person was still in New York and it was recent, we would go right away and make the arrest," Boyce said. "No doubt."

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Photo: Getty Images