Drunk Woman's Freaky Sandwich Goes Viral After Subway Staff Takes Pic Of It

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With the ability to choose your own bread, cheese, meats, veggies, condiments and more, there are millions of different kinds of sandwiches customers can create at Subway. Somehow though, a drunk woman wound up making one that is so strange it is going viral. In fact, it was such a bizarre mix of ingredients that the sandwich maker himself had to take a photo of it to remember it for all of eternity.

It was the first-ever time the woman who ordered it, a 20-year-old from London named Anna, had been to Subway and she tweeted about the experience writing, "First time in Subway and the worker took a picture of my order 😭😭am I doing this wrong?"

So what was on the sandwich that was so peculiar? It was a combination of cucumber and black olives with cheese.

Twitter had a lot to say about the order. One person stated, "Jesus Christ Anna who does order a Subway like that??" while another critic claimed, "I can probably, think of literally 1000 sandwiches that beat this right now. The first one being just butter. Just bread and butter beats cheese and cucumber." One cut right to the chase replying, "This is the worst sandwich I've ever seen."

Anna even responded to someone who questioned her choice, explaining simply that she ordered it because that is what she wanted.

She later added, "My mentions are crazy so to clarify: I was drunk. There’s no meat because I’m a veggie. No, I would not like to go to subway with you."

No word on if Subway plans to name a sandwich after her.

Photo: Getty Images

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