VIDEO: Tesla Driver Caught Sleeping And Going 75MPH On Highway

Shocking footage shows a Tesla driver going 75mph on a Los Angeles highway while asleep. A witness named Seth Blake said his girlfriend recorded the incident which then went viral when it was posted on Twitter on March 4th. In the video, the man appears to be sitting back, with his head slumped to the side and his hand on the steering wheel while the Tesla Model 3 drives in autopilot. Blake said the man was pretty much asleep for the whole ten minutes they were driving beside him. Tesla's autopilot mode steers the vehicle within a lane and can brake as it responds to surrounding vehicles so long as the driver has their hands on the wheel. While Tesla hasn't commented on this specific incident, they have established in the past that autopilot should only be used by alert drivers who are ready to take over control of the vehicle at any time.