VIDEO: Parents Surprise Daughter With Shelter Dog She Fell In Love With

Hallee Fuqua had been begging her parents for a dog for years without much luck. The college student opted to volunteer at a local animal shelter to get her fill of dogs and puppies minus the commitment. Well, commitment found her anyway when she fell in love with one of the shelter residences, a two-year-old Plott Hound mix named Rambo. Once again Hallee begged her parents to allow her to adopt Rambo, they said no cause they had a better idea. They had realized Hallee was too attached from all the pictures she had sent them of herself and Rambo, so they got together with the shelter to surprise her. The shelter told Hallee that Rambo had been adopted, she was devastated. A few days later Hallee was reunited with Rambo since it was her parents that adopted him secretly with the shelter's help. The video will make you cry, check it out below.