Attention Trumps Pride

There was a time when the number one driver behind someone’s actions were the questions:

Will my peers be proud of this?  Will I be proud of this?

But those days are long gone.  Now seemingly most people in this world are driven solely by ratings, attention, and money.  Personal pride doesn’t factor in.  To hell with pride, we want the fame.  We want the world to talk about us.  We want to cut through and be a star.  Regardless of what this does for our own soul or the soul of humanity.  

Are my family and friends proud of me has been replaced with will this trend?  It’s a significant price we are paying.

I’m not sure how it started or where it started but many in our world have developed a  giant cavern inside our bodies.  Its where our pride and our soul used to reside.  We keep trying to cram it with fame and money but it never fills the void.  Can this ever be undone?

Whether it’s Kathy Griffin or any of the other attention-seeking whores among us, we’ve sold our humanity, our dignity, our worth...for the price of acclaim.  But acclaim is a very fleeting and paltry endeavor.  It comes and goes.  It’s yours one second, and someone else’s the next.  After it passes, all you are left with is YOU and the MIRROR.  After the money and attention are gone, are you proud of who you are?  Are you proud of what you did?  Not just are you proud of what you did for yourself but for those around you...your peers, your country.  Is it worth it?  It never is.