Fans Claim Drugs Are Visible In Jennifer Aniston's First Instagram Photo

This week, Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram and in doing so, broke a Guinness World Record, becoming the fastest user to reach one million followers on the app, hitting the mark in a mere five hours and 16 minutes. She went on to amass over 12 million followers since then, but with that many people looking at her photos comes a fair amount of scrutiny, and even though the actress has only posted one picture in her short time on the 'gram, some fans are sure they've spotted something shocking in that photo.

The pic shows Jen and her Friends castmates together, but a few followers feel more than just her former costars are in it. They are certain there are drugs visible in the picture.

It's hard to see in the original, but the wannabe detectives claim that the substance on the iPhone on the table is cocaine.

While it seems pretty unlikely, the believers are fairly sure it's drugs.

More level-headed minds are convinced that the white stuff isn't coke rather just the reflection of overhead lights. You can actually see a similar reflection on other shiny surfaces in the pic, like the tray near Matthew Perry's face.

Remarkably, the actress's reps have responded to requests for a comment on the substance and they confirmed it is indeed "a reflection of an overhead light fixture." Still, the believers aren't convinced.

You can follow Aniston on IG here.  

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