The Mo Egger Blog: What Are We Doing?

Short on time this morning/this afternoon, so the thoughts will be brief.

Actually, this is going to be the new format of the blog.

*Having Ryan Finley throw the ball 31 times while Joe Mixon carries it 15 times while averaging nearly six yards a pop is just poor coaching.

*Having John Jerry play left tackle while Cordy Glenn remains on the team is simply coaching and organizational malpractice.

*Fourth and four. Game on the line. Ryan Finley throws into double coverage toward....Damion Willis.

*Remember all the Le'Veon Bell comparisons folks made when Joe Mixon was drafted? Weren't those based on the fact that Mixon is supposed to be a lethal pass-receiving threat? Why does he have just 20 catches in ten games on a team that's exceptionally thin at receiver?

*Tua Tagovailioa's hip injury is extremely unfortunate, and obviously has Bengals implications. I don't want to get too take-y here, but if the evaluations of their two players' skill sets are close, then if you're asking me to choose between Joe Burrow and Tua, I'm taking the guy that didn't just dislocate his hip.

*I also believe that his skill set is completely worth investing in if you're in need of a quarterback and Burrow is off the board.

*Does it feel to you like a lot of the people offering opinions on Justin Herbert of Oregon haven't really watched him play?

*I can do two things at once, so I'm elated with the fact that the Bearcats pulled off a win on Saturday night, but I'm very concerned with the way the offense played, and I'm worried both about whether the shaky passing game can hold up against the next two opponents and if they're going to be explosive enough to overcome large deficits against good teams.

*It's nice to worry about such things when your team is 9-1.

*KC (-4) over the Chargers, and I like the under (52.5)

*It would be great if Major League Baseball had a commissioner that actually, you know, liked baseball. Eliminating baseball teams sure seems like a weird way to grow baseball.

*This tweet sums up my Colin Kaepernick take.

*Wanna read something that will make you feel warm and fuzzies about the Reds? Here you go.

*Wanna drink some beers and watch two guys talk about football? Here you go.

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