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Bengals vs AFC North

Bengals vs AFC North

I get curious about things and then grab my calculator.

Q: In 300 minutes of AFC North games this season, how often have the Bengals played with the lead?

A: Cincinnati Bengals have played with the lead just twice, for a total of 27:14. They have not led in three of the five games.

300:00 of AFC North minutes for Bengals

Trail: 217:00 (72.3%)

Tied: 55:46 (18.6%)

Lead: 27:14 (9.1%)

Bengals minutes played with the lead by game:

00:00 vs Browns in 24-3 loss........Week 1

00:00 vs Ravens in 27-24 loss.......Week 2

03:29 vs Ravens in 34-20 loss ......Week 11

23:45 vs Steelers in 16-10 loss......Week 12

00:00 vs Steelers in 34-11 loss ......Week 16

Instances playing with the lead:

Week 11: The Bengals took a 10-7 lead over the Ravens on a Burrow to Mixon 4-yard TD pass in the 2nd quarter. The Ravens turned around and marched 7 plays/79 yards over 3:29 and took a lead they'd never give up on a 37-yard TD pass from Lamar Jackson to Nelson Agholor.

Week 12: The Bengals took a 7-3 lead over the Steelers when Browning hit Sample for a 2nd quarter TD. The Bengals drove to the Pittsburgh 18 to begin the 3rd quarter, then Browning threw a red zone INT. The Steelers marched 14 plays/79 yards for a TD and a 10-7 lead they'd never give up.

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