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51st edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

51st edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

Things that popped into my head this week.....

I swear we get an Amazon package delivered to our doorstep every single day.....and I really have no idea what Kelly has purchased. Maybe she's operating an underground store I'm unaware of?

OK, Kroger Independence changed their store layout. My muscle memory/closed eye sonar is all out of whack. And I swear some of the aisles shrank in width. PS...where did the Everything Bagels go?

The Reds enter the weekend with 76 wins and tied for a playoff spot with 14 games remaining. A year ago they had 58 wins and were 28.5 games back with 14 games remaining. They've used 40 pitches and 65 players. Some fans would rather be mad at the manager than appreciate the results. I don't know why.

I could sit and listen to Stevie Nicks sing for a long, long time.

I used to put a lot of quarters in the machine to get those mini plastic NFL helmets with the white face mask bar that always flipped off.

I find myself enjoying college football less and less. I think it's the matchups and general lack of competitive games.

Would you rather hear someone talk about how their fantasy team did, how their bets did or hear them run their fingers repeatedly up and down a chalkboard?

We live in a time where we can get game highlights on our phone. Anyone remember the anticipation of Howard Cosell voicing highlights at halftime of Monday Night Football, Mel Allen delivering highlights on This Week in Baseball and Fred Hickman and Nick Charles offering highlights on CNN Sports Tonight?

Remember when we were all on La'el Collins Watch when he was hanging out at the Kenwood Mall during his free agent visit last summer?

Anyone else attend a high school with a bigger enrollment than their college? Carmel H.S. 5,327. Butler University 5,095.

Peyton had no classes Wednesday so she took a 40-minute train ride to Belgium for the day. She saw the work of Picasso and Monet in a museum, walked the Montagne de Bueren (a famous extreme staircase), packed a lunch and ate in a park, and had a Belgium Waffle. I'm so jealous. But so happy to see her world continuing to expand. She is planning a Girls Trip to Greece with classmates.

I still get a kick out of the fact that Donnie Wahlberg (Blue Bloods) was in New Kids On The Block.

Did the Bengals play in the eye of a Hurricane in Cleveland? Zac called it probably the biggest rain game he'd been a part of in 10 years. Did Noah's Arc float by? Just stop. It rained for both teams. One team adjusted....the other seemed lost.

Easily in my Top 5 frustrating things: Trimmer line. Dang stuff doesn't hold up when trimming the fence line and the process of opening it up and rethreading drives me nuts.

There is one way to pronounce 'Bengals'. One. Only one. Bang-gulls is not a word.

When my Butler classes were done for the day, I'd watch General Hospital, Andy Griffith and Cubs games (WGN) in my Ross Hall dorm room.

Ever trade items at the lunch table that your mom packed in your lunch? I remember Ding Dongs being a high value item.

We discovered The Four Mile Pig BBQ in Alexandria. The Smoke Turkey, Bacon and Havarti Melt was comes with blackberry sauce that was something else. And get the Caribbean Baked Beans. Really friendly staff.

I don't get slot machines. I don't understand pulling a lever with no chance of using skill to dictate my chance to win.

We had a blast hanging out with the Cassette Junkies Friday night at the 6th anniversary party at Grainworks. What a fun group. ! And it was great meeting members of Dat Band. Hope to see them soon.

My pet peeve resurfaced last night: An NFL defense should not be awarded the ball when the offense fumbles it through the endzone. The defense did not establish possession. The offense should be penalized by moving the ball back to the 25 yard line.

On cue: Notice the uptick in vitriol from fans over Joe Burrow's new contract and endorsement deals? Last week the shots were at Hunter Greene after he was named Reds nominee for the Roberto Clemente Award, given for community service.Yep.

The more I watch Elly De La Cruz, the more I realize how raw he is. Little things. He doesn't slide well. He has a weird habit of not always seeing the ball into his glove. Maybe his glove is too big? Too often there also seems to be a lack of situational awareness. Keep in mind he's only 21. He's only played 262 minor league games and 85 MLB games.

The more NFL people I talk to, the less I pay attention to Pro Football Focus Grades.

Winning is hard. I'll never understand the fan that feels the need to put conditions on winning....saying 'well, they almost"..... or ....."what if this had happened?"

Growing up, I couldn't wait for three things to arrive each week: Sports Illustrated, The Sporting News and the Sunday Enquirer sports section with the listing of baseball player stats.

I last painted my face as a 15 year old for the Freezer Bowl. I can't see a scenario for doing it again as an adult.

I'm on a personal boycott of Pumpkin Spice anything.

I took my baseball trophies to school for Show-And-Tell one day. Looking back, that feels like a Tracy Jones move. 

We watched Extraction II on Netflix. Big Chris Hemsworth fan. Bring on No. 3!

Hey, I'm hosting Happy Hour at Barleycorns' Brewhouse in Wilder on Tuesday, September 26 from 5-7pm. The Reds play the Guardians at 6:10. Come hang out with us and watch the game!

Don't worry about things you don't care about.

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