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Reds: What happened to this franchise?

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Another night. Another lead blow by the bullpen. Another loss.

It really is staggering how this organization just keeps on keeping on with the worst bullpen in baseball. Nothing to see here.

Ownership appears unaware or unmoved. GM appears incapable or handcuffed. Either way, what's happened to a once proud franchise?

It seems like only yesterday we heard ownership declare "we just aren't going to lose anymore"......"we'll bring championship baseball back to Cincinnati".....and "if mama's not happy, nobody is happy?"

Blah, blah, blah, blah.

I’d assume owner and GM would love for Javy Baez to continue to be the talking point today.

Didn’t the bullpen blow another game and didn’t the offense leave 10 runners on base?

At some point pride and a sense of embarrassment has to enter the equation for an owner and GM, right?

I just don’t know how ownership and front office expects to be taken seriously. I really don’t.

This is year 16. Ownership has failed.

What a ripoff.

What a shame.

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