Show input requested: College basketball conversation

Show input request: college basketball conversation

Talking college basketball on Sports Talk has always been a challenge.

Fans want to hear about their team. But there are so many teams in this area that it makes it impossible to discuss them all.

I always make the pie analogy. If CBB was a pie carved up into slices for each fanbase think about how many slices there would be... UC, XU, UK, NKU, UL, OSU, UD, WSU, Miami.....etc.

When I discuss a particular program the reality is the majority of the audience wants to hear about another team, their team.

I ran a Twitter poll last year at this time asking for your favorite CBB team. UC won at 42%. It is certainly a very unscientific poll, but consider that number. If the most listeners are interested in UC, but the number is 42%, then 58% care about a different team. How many of the 58% are staying tuned to UC conversation?

For fans that only want talk about their program, our family of stations do carry the coaches shows for UC, XU, NKU, UK and UL. Those offer an hour a week geared to a specific teams.

I tend to make the CBB conversation guest driven because caller driven topics are tough. I'll drop in 5-10 minute segments with guests covering a particular team or a Mike DeCourcy to discuss multiple teams/national scene.

How would you like me to approach CBB on Sports Talk?

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