Will parents today hand down loyalty to Reds and Bengals to their kids?

The struggle: Parents, kids and their allegiance to Cincinnati sports teams

I recently received the email posted below from a listener. I believe this is worthy of discussion on Sports Talk.

What if the cycle of Reds and Bengals fans is aging out and the pipeline of reinforcement fans is drying up?

Assuming age eight is the sweet spot for grabbing fans with memories and moments, a parent today would have to be at least 37 years old to have experienced and appreciated the Reds 1990 championship and the Bengals last playoff win (1990).

Are 30-something and younger parents going to be inclined to hand down their support of and loyalty to the Reds and Bengals. Based on what success and positive experiences following them?

Can you relate? Have you dealt with this dilemma?


Good evening Lance,

I'm writing you because I am struggling. I'm 36, I have a toddler (4) and a second son on the way. As a father to a boy I've always dreamed of watching the Bengals and Reds together as fans and sharing those moments. I have only experienced 1 winning season (age 7) from a distance because my father wasn't around to be a sports influence.

I don't know if I want to influence them into following the teams I love, knowing the effort & feelings aren't really reciprocated by these organizations.(Bengals more so than the Reds) I don't know If I want to pass down the consistent disappointment that comes with being a Cincinnati sports fan on to my boys. Sure there are moments of happiness and fun, but many more frustrating and disappointing ones.

Thank you for your time and advice...

Talk me off the ledge Lance, please!


Cincinnati product Kevin Youkilis pondered the same concept earlier this week on Twitter:

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