Bengals Line Podcast: Zac Taylor, Andy Dalton, Preston Brown and more

We are back!

I'm excited the Bengals have asked me to co-host Bengals Line with Dave Lapham for my 11th season.

The Bengals have moved the show to PBS to better take advantage of access to players. The studios are right next door to the team locker room and the cafeteria. Unfortunately, the show will not be open to the public.

The show airs each Monday night at 6pm on 700 WLW and on the iHeart Radio app.

*****There was an issue with our podcast system not being able to combe the 1st hour on 700 WLW with the final two hours on ESPN 1530. I'm not sure if the issue can be fixed.

Right now the podcast includes the 1st hour of Bengals Line and then two hours of Bengals Game-Plan from ESPN 1530.

Week 2: Special guests joining Lap and me:

Preston Brown 6:20

Shawn Williams 6:35

Alex Erickson 6:45

Trey Hopkins 6:55

DL Nick Eason 7:05

Zac Taylor 7:35, 8:35

OC Brian Callahan 8:05

Andy Dalton 8:20

Lance McAlister

Lance McAlister

Lance McAlister covers everything in Cincinnati sports! Host of sports talk on Cincinnati News Radio 700WLW and ESPN 1530! Read more


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