Our Burger Tour hits Quatman Cafe

The Burger Tour

Our tour took us to Norwood Tuesday afternoon to complete what many told me they consider to be the 'Burger Trifecta.'

After Casey and I hit Zips Cafe and Herb and Thelma's in recent weeks, my dad and I experienced Quatman Cafe.

2434 Quatman Ave

Norwood, Ohio 45212

We each had a cheeseburger with chips. My dad had a Diet Coke and a bowl of mock turtle soup. I added an ice tea.

There is a lot to be said for a simple and affordable burger served on a paper plate with Husmans potato chips. No glitz. No glamour. Just a very good burger.

Total bill: $19.00

We'd go back.

Next up on our tour? Got a suggestion?

We should circle back around to Bard's Burgers in Covington and check out the renovation. We have not been there in close to two years.

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