Check out the Johnny Bench Museum

Check out the Johnny Bench Museum

From listener Jeff in Tulsa:

Yesterday I had a chance to visit a place every baseball fan--especially every Reds fan--should try to visit: the Johnny Bench Museum in Binger, Oklahoma . While not very big, it is filled with some incredible memorabilia and artifacts from Bench's life and career. There are autographed bats from various stages of his career; the scorecard from his last game; a framed picture of his Hall of Fame induction, autographed by all of the living Hall of Famers who were there that day; even Bench's third grade report card.

You can see one of his MVP trophies and one of his Silver Slugger awards--a beautiful full-sized silver bat. There are two urns he received for the two years he was the Jim Thorpe Athlete of the Year. You can watch video highlights of his career in the "media room."

Perhaps the most impressive displays is the case containing all ten of his Gold Glove awards. All ten are there! Just think--Bench was considered the best catcher in baseball for ten years in a row. I doubt anyone will ever approach that at any position ever again, especially as a catcher. 

The museum is located in the Binger Town Hall. The woman on duty there let us in and told us to take our time and enjoy. We were there for about an hour and enjoyed every minute.

Binger is about three hours away from my home in Tulsa, making it 15 hours from Cincinnati. That may preclude your listeners from wanting to make the journey just to go to this museum, but someone who is driving to Arizona for Spring Training will be taking I-40 through western Oklahoma, and Binger is just 20 minutes south of the interstate. (Take exit 101/Hwy 281 toward Hinton and proceed to Binger.)

Here are a few pictures I took. I just thought I would share this with you. Use as you like. 

The Johnny Bench Museum is definitely worth visiting!

Jeff in Tulsa

Lance McAlister

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