FC Cincinnati is not the enemy


FC Cincinnati is not the enemy 

Look, I understand soccer is not for everyone. Heck, soccer was once not for me. 15 years ago I was calling the sport a communist plot designed to chip away at the very foundation of our country. Then my daughter was born. For the last decade I've spent weekends traveling and watching her play for Kings Hammer and for Simon Kenton. As a result, I've evolved and matured into a soccer fan. Three years ago I adopted Liverpool as my English Premier League team. When FC Cincinnati arrived on the scene, I took a leap. I jumped on board. I've enjoyed the ride.

What I don't get is the people viewing FCC as a nuisance or threat to the sports landscape here. They have drawn a line in the sand and built walls to keep FCC at a distance from Reds, Bengals and other teams in town. Some are still labeling all of this a 'fad'. Some joyfully predict the MSL will fail here because of the increase in ticket prices. 

Thursday afternoon I devoted two segments of my ESPN 1530 show to open phone lines for talking FC Cincinnati. FCC was coming off a 1-0 win over Miami FC in U.S. Open Cup play that left them as 1 of just 4 remaining teams out of a 99 team tournament field. 

I got calls from fans that had been in Miami and watching at local establishments. I also got calls from people pushing back against talking FC Cincinnati. I had a caller tell me I had sunk to 'rock bottom' by talking soccer.

I don't get it. They are FC CINCINNATI. They are one of OUR teams. Yet some around here treat them like the Steelers or Cardinals. Breaking: FCC isn't the enemy. Think about the type of person that would work against/root for failure of their hometown team.

What has been happening since the announcement of the franchise, August 12, 2015, is a good thing. It's fun. It's exciting. It brings a sense of community pride.

As I wrote earlier this week, FCC is the coolest things happening in this city. The soccer world is looking in on Cincinnati and shaking its head in amazement. 

I'm not asking anyone to jump on the bandwagon. I'm not asking you to even like soccer. But how about at least leaving the rest of us alone to enjoy this?

If you haven't noticed, sports times are tough in this city. See the Reds and Bengals. If nothing else, FCC fills the void around here.

I think some fans have actually forgotten how to enjoy things around here. Bengals fans have not experienced a playoff win since 1991. Reds fans have not experience a playoff series win since 1995. That's 20+ years of a lot of letdown and frustration. You are bummed by that. I'm bummed by that. But does your misery have to have company? 

Thursday night, over 20 pubs around the city hosted FCC watch parties. I had a follower on Twitter tell me he was streaming the game on a cruise ship to Iceland! FCC chants dominated the crowd in Miami. A mass of fans showed up at CVG yesterday to welcome the team back to town. 

FCC is connecting a stunningly wide cross section of fans.

This is happening. It's a movement. Why chose the path of resistance? 

FCC isn't going away. If you can't accept that, then maybe you should just go away. 

Leave the feel good to the rest of us.

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Lance McAlister

Lance McAlister

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