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Father's Day and Baseball

Father's Day and Baseball

Memories and moments with my dad and Casey and Peyton

*Sitting on the armrest of my dad's chair and reading the box scores with my dad when I was a kid.

*My dad was my coach from the time I was seven years old all the way up to high school. 

*I remember the sound of the bats and helmets rattling around in the back of my dad's car as we drove around.

*My dad taking me to the Lunken Airport batting cages on Saturday mornings before a game.  

*Taking Casey to HITS in Covington before games.

*My dad taking our knothole team to see the Reds for Kid Glove Night at Riverfront.

*Walking out of Riverfront Stadium, June 15, 1977 and listening on our transistor radio as Marty Brennaman announced the Reds had just traded for Tom Seaver.

*Being with my dad at Riverfront Stadium for Rose's 3,000th hit in 1978.

*Being at Riverfront Stadium for Pete Rose's record breaking hit 4,192. We had driven from Carmel (IN) for a third consecutive night to watch Rose's pursuit of the record.

*Attending Baseball Heaven in 2006 and played on the same team. We were the Power Jacks, managed by former Reds pitcher Jack Billingham. I'll never forget how sore we were after Day 1. At age 64, my dad started every game at 3rd base. He scored the winning run on a walk-off hit to win the championship.

*Taking Casey to his first Reds game: June 4, 2000 vs the Twins. He was less than four months old. The Reds honored the Big Red Machine. Casey cried and cried during the loud ovations for the players.

*Playing catch in the backyard with my dad and Casey for the first time.

*Father's Day Catch with Casey and Peyton at GABP

*Watching Casey and Peyton play tee ball for the first time.

*Casey throwing out the first pitch to Sean Casey at Wrigley Field July 22, 2004.

*Being with Casey behind home plate for the Reds 2010 brawl with the Cardinals.

*Taking Casey to his first Opening Day and our 700 WLW broadcast.

*Being with my dad and Casey at Great American Ballpark for the 2013 Big Red Machine reunion.

*Guy trip with Casey to check out the Louisville Slugger Museum and take in a Louisville Bats game in 2014.

*Finding out Casey made the Simon Kenton baseball team.

*Cross country trip to Cooperstown and Ken Griffey Jr's induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame with Casey and my dad.

*Attending the Reds-Cubs Field of Dreams game with Casey and hanging out with Sean Casey.

*Sitting in the moon deck with Casey for Jay Bruce's 2010 NL Central Division clinching home run.

*Sitting in the moon deck as Ken Griffey Jr hit a walk-off home run June 30, 2008 vs the Pirates. If you look closely, in the row directly below the fence beneath the smoke stacks, you can see Casey jump into my arms. I'm in a black shirt.

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