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Reds: Remembering a rotation that started 161 of 162

Reds: Remembering a rotation that started 161 of 162

In the 2012 NL Central Division championship season five starting pitchers took the ball for 161 of 162 games:

Johnny Cueto: 33 starts, 217 innings

Mat Latos: 33 starts, 209.1 innings

Homer Bailey: 33 starts, 208 innings

Bronson Arroyo: 32 starts, 202 innings

Mike Leake: 30 starts, 179 innings

Total: 161 starts, 1,015.1 innings....99.4-percent of the games and 69.8-percent of the innings.

The Reds used the same five starters for the first 120 games, a modern franchise record.

A May 1 rainout that season caused an August doubleheader makeup.

MLB rules allow teams to add a 26th player to their active roster for a doubleheader.

Can you answer a great bar bet and name the pitcher the Reds used? (See answer at bottom)

He was promoted from Triple-A to start game two vs the Cubs at Wrigley on August 18.

He pitched 3.1 innings in his ML debut and took the loss.

Here are the number of starting pitchers used by the Reds since that 2012 season:

2013: 8

2014: 10

2015: 14

2016: 15

2017: 16

2018: 10

2019: 9

2021: 10

Answer: Todd Redmond

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